Tuesday, April 19, 2011

E3 - One Day!

So the results are in, and unfortunately I did not make the cut for Kmart's E3 contest. Winners are listed here if you'd like to take a look.

To be honest I'm not really sad or upset or anything. I just have this feeling that I'll be there eventually, without the help of a contest. It just would have been cool to see it this year with all these awesome rumors flying around.

Mostly I'm disappointed that they didn't pick anyone from Destructoid. I think we all had pretty good entries, and one of the requirements was a following -- which really none of the winners seem to have except maybe that Amy chick. I think having a community member from the 'toid would have really boosted their numbers, and in general it would have been great to see a non-traditional blogger at E3.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your support -- Especially Dawn who truly gave me inspiration (and major grammar/spell/word checking).

With tragedy comes a glimmer of hope -- I will have something fun to announce shortly in regards to my writing endeavors. Stay tuned! :]


  1. Aw bummer. Sounds like they kept it safe if they stuck with traditional bloggers.

    Looking forward to hearing this exciting news though! :D

  2. Yeah, maybe they didn't quite understand the cblogs and didn't want to take the risk. Then again, maybe we all just sucked in their eyes, who knows! :]

  3. I don't see how some of those entries were any better than yours or Monk's.

    Also, you live in Reston? I went to high school in Alexandria and worked in Reston. Radness.

  4. I thought about it a bit more -- looking at the people who won, they all had some kind of "pull" already (like, they could already have gone to E3 if they wanted to). One of the winners writes for IGN and The Examiner. The chick runs her own successful game sites that provides enough income to support her and her family. So basically, Kmart never intended to pick people with a "following" as they said, but rather people who were already established as media. This way, they'd get more hits because it'd be cross promotion on the winner's already established blog. So this wasn't a contest for the gaming community, but for the gaming media who couldn't afford E3 on their own dime. Just thoughts, anyway.

    Yes, I'm in Reston - but I'll be moving next month to QUESTION MARKS?? If you're currently in the DC area you should check out our Arlington meet up on the Dtoid Baltimore/DC Google group! :]